The Scheme adopts One District One Product (ODOP) approach to reap the benefit of scale in terms of procurement of inputs, availing common services and marketing of products. ODOP for the scheme will provide the framework for value chain development and alignment of support infrastructure.

Support for ODOP/Non ODOP

  • Regarding support to existing individual micro units for capital investment, preference would be given to those producing ODOP products. However, existing units producing other products would also be supported.
  • In case of capital investment by groups, predominately those involved in ODOP products would be given preference.
  • Support to groups processing other products in such districts would only be for those already processing those products and with adequate technical, financial and entrepreneurial strength.

Support under ODOP approach

  • New units, whether for individuals or groups, preference would be given to those producing ODOP products.
  • Support for common infrastructure and marketing & branding would be given preference for ODOP products. In case of support for marketing & branding at State or regional level, same products of districts not having that product as ODOP could also be included

The ODOP map/list of Andhra Pradesh is as below

ODOP Map of Andhra Pradesh