The Major challenge for any producer from all times is how to first reach the consumer in an effective way. This challenge becomes even more critical for micro food processing enterprises for the following reasons

  1. Lack of market exposure
  2. Capital intensive logistics
  3. Low scale of operations
  4. Low Quality
  5. Not par with market standards
  6. Low working capital, hence need to get faster returns.

Due to above reasons these micro enterprises could never think beyond make to order or bulk buyers. This is limiting the options of channelising the produce, making the buyers, deciders of the price. Even if some progressive enterprises drive to approach the nearby retail, it is limited to a few retailers due to weak financial muscle, low risk taking attitude and lack of marketing capabilities. These factors are proving to be non starters for optimised returns.

Under PMFME we would like to address these gaps by “Multi level aggregation” approach in different phases which aims at        

  1. Scale of production.
  2. Addressing the working capital requirements in collaboration of group of producers.
  3. Product standardisation & Food safety measures.
  4. Giving the product a face to the market(branding)
  5. Exhaustively exploring the marketing avenues (other than household and bulk buyers) and facilitating tie ups.
  6. Stabilising the brand by reinforcing it with a series of promotional activities.

Last but not the least this project also aims at capacity building of the micro enterprises for effective marketing and branding of their products.

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