Native Araku Coffee

The inception of Native Araku Coffee is an accidental true feeling and an emotional discussion on the roadside between the founder and the tribal farmer from Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

On a casual summer break, on 18thJuly, 2017 “Ram Kumar Varma” who is the founder was traveling to Araku valley along with his team stopped for a break at Ananthagiri hills (20kms away from Araku valley) on the roadside. He met a tribal farmer who is grazing his sheep and a casual talk to him about the story of Araku Coffee and how did it really get the brand, which went on for  over couple of hours when the farmer said, “I am living in this area since 1950 and seen the coffee industry growing however our livelihood still remains poor”. There are a lot of middlemen who purchase at a lower price and we don’t really get our share.

This emotional discussion with the tribal farmer touched the founder heart and in pursuit to do something about this, has led to start a company in Aug 2017 named NATIVE ARAKU COFFEE, with a prime philosophy is to purchase coffee from the farmer directly and ship it to the consumer to their doorstep. This in turn will help the tribal farmers to earn better price as well the payment will be done directly to the farmer's bank account. We have been successful in promoting the brand on Digital media for the past 3 years and have customer base right from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari (in India).