Independence Day celebrations-Promotion of PMFME Scheme, Kurnool(16/8/2021)

Date of Event

ED, APFPS, Kurnool district explaining about the PMFME Scheme to Shri. Anil Kumar Yadav Hon’ble Minister for Water Resources, Shri. Gummanur Jayaram Hon’ble Minister for LET&F and Shri. Abdul Hafeez Khan, MLA at Independence Day celebrations, Kurnool , Dt.15.8.2021



Awareness on PM FME Scheme to the Coconut farmers in collaboration with Byrraju foundation

A virtual meet for creation of awareness on PM FME Scheme to the coconut farmers of East Godavari district was held on 31.07.2021 in collaboration with Byrraju foundation.

Partakers: Team of officials from APFPS and Byrraju foundation along with enthusiastic farmers from East Godavari district.