Brand Building and Marketing

  • Support to SHGs/ FPOs/ Co-operatives in brand building and marketing for the micro-enterprises
  • Linkage of clusters with lead buyers
  • Support to micro-enterprises coming together for brand-building and

Marketing and branding support would be provided to groups of FPOs/SHGs/ Cooperatives or an SPV of micro food processing enterprises under the Scheme. Following the ODOP approach, marketing & branding support would only be provided for such product at the State or regional level.

Eligible items for support

  1. Training relating to marketing to be fully funded under the scheme;
  2. Developing a common brand and packaging including standardization to participate in common packaging;
  3. Marketing tie up with national and regional retail chains and state level institutions;
  4. Quality control to ensure product quality meets required standards.

Support for marketing and branding requires developing a common brand, common packaging and product standardization. The appropriate level for common branding and packaging would differ from place to place, case to case and product to product. Whether it should be district, regional or state level would be decided by the concerned SNA in each case.

Therefore, the proposal for support to marketing and branding should be prepared by the SNA. Support for branding and marketing would be limited to 50% of the total expenditure. Maximum limit of grant in such cases would be as prescribed. No support would be provided for opening retail outlets under the scheme.

Vertical products at the national level could also be provided support for branding & marketing on the same lines as described above for ODOP focus. Such support for common branding/packaging and marketing would be provided at the national level. Proposal for that support should be sent to MoFPI by the states or national level institutions or organizations or partner institutions.

Eligibility criteria:

The proposals should fulfill the following conditions: -

  1. The proposal should relate to ODOP;
  2. Minimum turnover of product to be eligible for assistance should be Rs 5 crore;
  3. The final product should be the one to be sold to the consumer in retail pack;
  4. Applicant should be an FPO/SHG/cooperative/ regional - State levels SPV to bring large number of producers together;
  5. Product and producers should be scalable to larger levels;
  6. Management and entrepreneurship capability of promoting entity should be established in the proposal.